Welcome Friends!


Welcome to the Write it Down Stationery blog. We are so glad that you are here. The writers of this blog are creatives Ashley and Melissa. We believe that creativity is of the most importance. We hope you are inspired by our posts!

Here is a brief overview of who we are and what you will see from us. We are a stationery company and blog dedicated to creativity and generosity. We describe our style as simple-sweet whimsy for generous souls. Why generous souls? It will be explained with the launch of our first card. We will be launching our first product line by the end of February (February 21st to be exact!). Our products are a mix of watercolor, fun illustrations, and whimsical handwriting.

What you will see:

▪Creative and cost-efficient Do It Yourself posts

▪Things that are currently inspiring us

▪New stationery designs we are working on

▪Plenty of exclamation marks!

▪Excessive amounts of doughnuts

▪Creativity challenges

What you won’t see:

▪Long rants of opinions

▪Too many selfies


Stay tuned for more posts about who we are and the things that inspire us.

Forever Creative,

Ashley and Melissa



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