DIY No Stitch Pencil Pouch


For our first DIY, we wanted to share with you a super easy and relevant project. We are always carrying around loads of pens to doodle with or to jot down ideas and things that inspires us. Instead of always digging through our bags, we wanted to make something that could help keep us organized. We love this pencil pouch because it is super customizeable and it can be a no stitch project, aka easy! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


What you will need:

-Fabric (we used canvas)


-Fabric glue

-Fabric dye

-Paint brush

-Jar to mix dye in

-Small magnet set


-Button, thread, ribbons, fringe



1. Cut your fabric into a 8.5″ x 9.5″ rectangle, iron if needed (You can change this measurement if you want. We measured our largest paint pen and added a couple cm on each side to make sure it would fit!)


2. Fold fabric “hot dog” style along the longer side of the fabric and iron the crease well


3. Mix your dye according to instructions and decorate the fabric. We decorated the front and back, but not the inside. Allow to dry


4. Fold the two top rims toward the inside of the pouch and iron crease well. Make sure it is big enough to fit your magnet (we did 3/4″ for our magnet size). Insert magnet in the center of the fold and glue fold shut with your stitch glue. Repeat to other side (make sure your magnets are facing each other!)


5. Fold your fabric inside out (decorated portion inside). Glue the sides and allow to dry. You may want to stitch or glue further to reinforce any spots that aren’t holding


6. Flip inside out and there you have it! A beautifully handmade pencil pouch!

Optional: Add any additional decorations, like ribbons, buttons, fringe, etc!

This pouch can be used for more than just pencils. Try storing your sunglasses, makeup, or paintbrushes in it. You can even adjust the size and make it into a wallet!

Forever Creative,

Ashley and Melissa


Show us your DIY on Instagram using the hashtag #writeitdownstationery! 


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