Doughnut Diaries: the creativity of a child


If you are sick of us talking about doughnuts, we are just getting started. #sorrynotsorry

We love doughnuts and  we love people. We decided to put the two together and incorporate it into our blog. Thus, Doughnut Diaries was created! These are pictures of the doughnuts we eat and the inspiring words that are shared as we eat them.


For our first Doughnut Diaries we grabbed our friend Jo and a dozen of the most colorful doughnuts we could find. It may have been 6 o’clock in the morning, but it was well worth it. As we chatted with Jo, a theme quickly emerged in our story telling. We shared stories about all the crazy things we did when we were kiddos. Many of the stories were about our wild imaginations, including the thousands of elaborate dress up sessions (that extended well into Middle School).

Jo shared a story about her and her sister that filled our hearts with so much joy. She explained how her and her sister, in the midst of their boredom, would make insane music videos. They went all out— matching outfits, dramatic dance moves, and only the best music (Hilary Duff included).

I think most of us can relate to Jo and her sister here. We all have these childhood memories about when we let our imagination run wild. Where did that go? How can we bring back this creativity?


I don’t know about you guys, but we make it our mission in life to be like the kiddos in our lives. They are wild, imaginative, ambitious, and the most creative— everything we desire to be! We believe that every single person is born with heaps of creativity. As we age, it is our job to grow our creativity. Creativity should never cease. It must always be a part of us.

At Write It Down, we are dedicated growing our creativity. Whether it is our designs or DIYs, you can always find us making beautiful messes. These beautiful messes feed our creativity.

What feeds your creativity?

Forever Creative,

Ashley and Melissa


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One thought on “Doughnut Diaries: the creativity of a child

  1. I think as we get older we put ourselves in a box, either we are creative or we’re not… Because everyone thinks creativety only means drawing or painting, but it’s so much more! When were older I really believe it’s getting over our fear of judgment and owning the ideas we have.

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