Our Arkansas Adventure


Let’s get inspired!

We are always trying to find new things to inspire us. Whether it is the food we eat, the conversations we have, or the sites we see, we are always looking for new things to incorporate into our stationery. As a team, we decided to start taking more adventures and recording what we experience. Our plan is to make this a recurring segment on the blog. On these adventures, we are looking for all things that can help us grow our creativity. Here is what we found.

Where we went

We took our first adventure as a team to Bentonville, Arkansas. Bentonville is a funny little place. It is filled with so much creativity. We started at the square, then took a short stroll over to a local art museum, Crystal Bridges. We ended in Springdale at Onyx Coffee Lab.

What we saw

Some of our favorite items we saw during our time in Bentonville were from the State of the Art exhibit at Crystal Bridges. This exhibit took all types of modern pieces from artists around the country. There was so much diversity and so much COLOR! Each piece had a story. One of our absolute favorites were a series of photographs. The photographer match people’s tweets with their location when they posted it. He photographed the place where the person tweeted and put the tweet on the picture. It was overwhelming. You could feel like emotions of the person through their location. Here are some more of our favorites.

IMG_3864 IMG_3847





What we ate/drank:

Food is our favorite “F” word. So we like to be picky about where we eat on trips like this. We decided on lunch at Tusk and Trotter on the square. It was insanely amazing. Along with our lunch we shared a few beers by Ozark Brewing Company. After the museum, we drove to Springdale and had coffee at Onyx Coffee Lab. Also, insanely amazing. They had whiskey coffee! They even made an old fashion out of it.


What we listened to:

We’ve been on a 90’s kick. The whole day we reminisced to a 90’s playlist.

Who was with us:

In addition to the two of us, we dragged our lovely husbands along with us. They are pretty awesome.



How it inspired us:

The major thing that inspired us was the color. We saw so many different colors in everything– the art, nature, our food. It was everywhere!

How we are going to incorporate it into Write It Down:

Our first collection of cards will be launching early Spring. After this trip, we decided to embrace bright colors in our Spring line. There will be lots of pinks, blues, and purples. We can’t wait to show you!



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