Why Stationery?

So you may be thinking, “Who even cares about stationery anymore?”


We say, “Exactly!” Let’s bring it back. Isn’t there something special about receiving a letter or card in the mail? There is so much that goes into the sending of a card. You have to choose the card or postcard, write in it, and then mail it. When you are on the receiving end, there is so much joy in knowing that you were thought of. Receiving snail mail doesn’t happen by accident. It is a deliberate act of love. We want to bring that back. 

As we have said before, we describe our style as simple, sweet whimsy for generous souls. We like bright colors and funny sayings. We love the look we get when we combine watercolor and calligraphy. Some of our favorite stationery companies include: Riffle Paper Co, Hello Lucky!, Thimble Press, Sycamore Street Press, Hammer PressPike Street Press, Paper Hammer, and so many more.

You guys want to see a sneak peek of our Spring line? Here ya go!


What do you guys think? What do you want to see for the Summer line?


One thought on “Why Stationery?

  1. I think the stationary looks great!! Sending an actual letter in the mail instead of an email is something I’m going to try to do more of in 2015. Looking back at the letters my mother had saved through the years gave me such joy. I saw hand written thoughts from her loved ones. I know she looked back at those often. I’m so glad that they meant so much to her. I found letters from my kids to her when they had just learned to write. (They are both twenty something now) Her letters made me realize we have really lost something precious in not communicating this way. I can’t wait to see all the new designs of stationary. I look forward to sending out letters to my loved ones and am really hoping they write me back!!


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