Our Flea Market Adventure

Where else can you find night vision binoculars + samurai swords + presidential decorative plates?


That’s right, this week we took our adventure at the Joplin Flea Market and all other Joplin antique malls.

It was definitely an adventure. It was filled with stores stuffed to the roof and a group of our closest friends. Can it be better than that? Boy, did we hit the jack pot. We walked away with: 4 metal, decorative plates + 2 gold framed pictures + a globe in perfect condition. We plan on incorporating all of those things into the blog in the next month, so keep watch!

Where we went

We started our day at The Donut Hole with loads of doughnuts. After we filled out bellies, we headed to a small shop called Tartan Traders. Not only does this shop have just about everything you can imagine, it is also owned by a Scottish immigrant! He serves coffee to his guests, which we obviously love. Then we headed over to the Joplin Flea Market. This is where we picked up a 5 foot by 10 foot American flag in perfect condition! We ended the day with two antique malls: Fancy Flamingo and Rangeline Antique Mall. This is where we found the rest of our treasures.


What we saw

What didn’t we see? Check out these pictures of our finds.


IMG_4166 IMG_4170 IMG_4164

What we ate/drank:

There was no fancy restaurants included in this adventure. We had our lunch at Chick-fil-a.

What we listened to:

We replayed the Too’s CD over and over again. It is too good.

Who was with us:

In addition to us, our husbands + our good friends, Meghan and Lewis joined us.

How it inspired us:

There was so much inspiration within this adventure. We especially loved all the vintage aspects of the antique malls. We found so many marquee letters and paintings that captivated our hearts.

How we are going to incorporate it into Write It Down:

Later this week, you will see a DIY where we combine these vintage aspects we love with the contemporary vibes we are currently embracing.

Tell us how you are feeling inspired this week! Post a picture on social media and use the hashtag: #writeitdownstationery

Forever Creative,

Ashley and Melissa



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