DIY Paint Dipped Wall Decor

Final DisplayThis just may be our very favorite DIY yet! I mean, sure we’ve only done two so far, but this one will be hard to beat (we are definitely up to the challenge, though!). We love this DIY because not only is it super easy, the outcome is just lovely! We were so happy to be able to do something with the treasures we found on our latest adventure. The look of paint dipped art on your wall will make you feel like you live in Pinterest, which is always a good thing. People won’t believe that this DIY was so easy and took so little time! We hope you enjoy it! IMG_4430.JPG What you will need:

-Frames and/or Plates (we found ours at antique malls!)

-Painter’s Tape -Paint (we chose 3 different colors)

-Paint Brushes, 1 per paint color

-Nails and/or Command Strips



1. Arrange the frames and plates how you would like them on the wall. This takes some trial and error, but once you get it right, you’ll know!IMG_0065

2. Mark off a section on each item with painter’s tape. Play around with the angles and sizes of the areas you are going to paint.Spread on table

3. In the arrangement it will be on the wall, figure out what color you want to paint each item (we suggest taking a picture at this point so you don’t forget the colors and placements of the frames and plates!)IMG_0093

4. Paint the sectioned off area with the color of your choosing and wait for it to dry. Paint a second coat, then wait some more. You may need to paint a third coat if you are not happy with it just yet. You may become impatient, but it will be worth it if you don’t rush this step!IMG_0115Waiting

5. Once everything is painted and fully dry, hang your new decor on your wall with nails and/or command strips.Part of final display

6. Enjoy your unique wall decor!


-Bring the frames and plates with you when you buy your paint to make sure they go well together

-Make sure the colors you choose go well not only with your items, but with each other

-Don’t wet your brushes because that may cause water to create ugly bumps under the paint and you will have to start over (cough cough)


Forever Creative,

Ashley and Melissa


Show us your DIY on Instagram using the hashtag #writeitdownstationery! 


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