Creative Feature: Chelsea Delgado; artist

If you want to consistently be blown away by the art she creates, go follow Chelsea on Instagram right now. It’s okay, we’ll be here when you get back. Did you do it? Okay, good! Chelsea Delgado repeatedly amazes us with her detailed pieces and her eye for all things geometric. We admire her shared love for coffee and always enjoy laughs with this one! Chelsea’s uniqueness, humility, and creative soul continues to inspire us.

Chelsea Headshot  Roaring Lion


What is your creative outlet?

Mostly drawing and painting, lettering, and overall pen-and-paper design.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity has always been something I don’t really think much about, it’s almost a lifestyle. A way to tangibly show my appreciation for something, or a way to work through feelings. Sometimes its just something to get lost in and relax.

What is currently inspiring you?

I’ve always been pretty enamored with patterns. A lot of my art focuses on geometric-type patterns that embeds itself in a person or animal. I have also been really inspired by messy lettering and watercolor. Sometimes I forget that the charm of hand-drawing is that not everything has to look perfect, so it’s a fun way to let loose.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a couple of geometric commissions and also prepping for the Hip Handmade market! I’m hoping to have a new collection finished by the show.

Is your creativity a hobby or a career?

It is a bit of both for me. Art is definitely not my full-time job, and it may never be, but I love to do it and I love to create for people.

What is your favorite thing you’ve created?

I have a pretty special place in my heart for my “Be Heard” bear design. It was one of the first ever geometric styled animals I did, and it opened a lot of doors for me to be where I am today with my art business. It was also a little symbolic for me, I was so shy and hesitant with sharing my art and by posting it, it was like I was overcoming my fear of critique.

Tell us a few fun facts about you!

I love lists! I am hopeless with electronics, which is mostly why I draw everything by hand. I fervently believe that chips and salsa is a meal. My eleven-year-old self is still in denial that I never got my Hogwarts acceptance letter. My husband is my biggest fan and supporter. I drink an inordinate amount of coffee a day. I need at least one bubble bath a week to feel whole. I read Wuthering Heights at least once every year, and yes, I do cry every time.

You can keep up with Chelsea’s journey on Instagram by following @sseachell!


(All photos are linked to her shop because we know you’ll want to check it out!)

Forever Creative,

Ashley and Melissa



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