Creative Feature: & Company Eats; Inquiring Foodies

Our current creative feature is one of our favorite duos, Meghan Brossman and Shaylea Brown, who together form & Company Eats. These inquiring foodies take what is natural, whole, and raw and transform it into something you wish you would have thought of yourself! Their recipes often contain simple ingredients, yet produce such a unique creation. We are continually inspired by their love for real food and their love for people.

We are happy to announce two things: First, & Company Eats will be creating and providing the meal at our launch party. It will consist of 5 courses and each course will be paired with a wine or beer (guest’s choice). Second, & Company Eats has given us three of their very own recipes to share! We have created printable recipe cards just for you guys! They will be available for download at the end of this post.

Fancy Dinner Pic Spinach Wrapped Strawberries

What is your creative outlet?

Cooking meals & sharing them with interesting people.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity, to us, means taking your passions and/or talents & using them in a way that is fun and keeps you passionate.

What is currently inspiring you?

In the kitchen we are inspired by what’s in season. So, for February that means broccoli, mushrooms, & other winter vegetables.

What are you currently working on?

We are currently writing a narrative cookbook, featuring wonderful people & delicious food. Our goal is to have our book completed by the end of this year.

Is your creativity a hobby or a career?

It is currently a hobby, but we are hoping & praying that soon it will become a career.

What is your favorite thing you’ve created?

Pistachio cheesecake with mint mango sauce. It’s divine, to say the least & we can’t wait to share it with you all in our book!

Tell us a few fun facts about you!

When we were in middle school, Meghan thought Shaylea was weird because she was in band & played the trumpet. Then we became friends & Meghan felt bad. (FYI Meghan played saxophone in 6th grade)

You can keep up with & Company Eats’ journey on Instagram by following @andcompanyeats!Tropical Smoothie

Here are the three awesome recipes & Company Eats has so generously shared with all of us. Save them to your desktop, print, and store with the rest of your treasures. Enjoy!

Recipe Card 1 (2) Recipe Card 2 (2) Recipe Card 3 (2)

*These photos belong to Write It Down Stationery. If posted, they must be credited back to the original source. They cannot be reproduced or sold.

Forever Creative,

Ashley and Melissa


(All photos via & Company Eats’ Instagram)


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