DIY Geometric Placemats


This DIY is a super simple and quick project that will help bring some color to your dining room. These placemats can be the liveliest thing on your table, or can easily complement the colors you already have in your kitchen. We decided to go Spring theme with the colors we chose because we are so ready for bright colors and warmer days. These would also be super cute to take along with you on a picnic. Let us see what you come up with!


What you will need:

– Four 12″ x 12″ cork squares

-Painter’s Tape

-Paint (we chose three of our favorite spring colors!)

-Paint Brush


1. Using your painter’s tape, tape off the cork forming all sorts of geometric shapes. We love different size triangles and trapezoids, have fun with this! Tip: Make sure the tape is pressed down in every area before moving onto the next step.


2. Paint the exposed cork using your different colors, alternating colors here and there. It’s okay if you have the same color next to each other, but we like to have them as equally spread out as possible.

3. Allow the paint to dry completely and peel off the tape.


Now you can enjoy a cute lunch or romantic dinner with these sweet placemats!


Forever Creative,

Ashley and Melissa


Show us your DIY on Instagram using the hashtag #writeitdownstationery

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