Launch Party Sneak Peek

Can we throw parties all the time?

That is exactly what we thought when our Launch Party was over! Of course decorating, rearranging furniture, making valentines, finding the perfect food and wine pairings and everything else we did was a lot of work, but boy was it fun (and so worth it)! Now we want to throw another party (Summer Line Launch Party anyone?).

This night was perfect and that’s why we want to show you a few things from it! We will have a more thorough post in the future, but we wanted to get a few photos out to you as soon as possible so you can feel like you were there!

Our night started with mingling with the guests as they each grabbed a mason jar filled with strawberry milk that was paired with a doughnut, because you know our love for doughnuts (heart eyes emoji here)! After lots of talking and taking pictures of decor, we sat around the table (according to the watercolor portrait placesettings!) that was decorated with flowers, candles, and a runner of glitter hearts and handwritten sayings like “boys are from Jupiter” (because aren’t they?). We had five amazing courses prepared by & Company Eats that were all paired with a wine. The guests had a rating card that went from Love It to I’d Marry It. After our delicious meal and lots of talking, we exchanged handmade valentines!  Each guest brought enough for everyone and let me just tell you, our friends are creative! We had foam finger, tea-riffic, and boozey valentines to go around. Our night ended with a toast and a showing of our 20+ cards and 6 prints. Each guest got to take home two cards, some of which have not been released yet.

Thanks to everyone who attended and all of you who have been supporting us. Also, a big thanks to Mitzi Starkweather for taking the majority of the photos on this post. We are also super excited to see the photos Drew from 12 Eighty-One Photography took!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset WIDS-23 IMG_3345 WIDS-01Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetWIDS-27 WIDS-15Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetWIDS-10  WIDS-20   WIDS-32If you have any photos from this night, use the hashtag #writeitdownstationery so we can see them!

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